About us

The Derag Hotel & Living brand was created at the start of the 80s as a Derag company. The American serviced apartment “timeshare living” concept was tailored especially to the needs of the European market and was first realised in the Max Emanuel Hotel in Munich in 1982. Since 2011 the company is now known as Derag Livinghotels.

The concept can be explained quickly: on the one hand, classic hotel industry, on the other, serviced apartments with fully-equipped kitchenettes and your free choice of additional services like, for instance, a laundry service for longer stays.

Why choose us? All Derag Livinghotels – which currently comprises 15 buildings across 8 locations with over 2,600 rooms and apartments, with additional ones planned viz. to open in 2015 – are situated in locations with remarkably good infrastructure and transport links, always in very popular locations. A clear advantage for business travellers or even tourists, who go on a city break for some sightseeing etc and ideally need something close to the centre or in the centre. A further benefit is our experience in the area of serviced apartments: for over 30 years no other German company has been able to compete with us. Last, but not least increasingly more guests are positive about our high standards of quality. Our apartments and rooms are furnished to the highest quality, homelike and comfortable. Since that is what counts: to feel like you are at home, even when your own home may be many miles away.